The Rules Change. Expectations Change.

Providers Must Adapt Quickly.

Our approach is simple. We are strategic and operational consultants with decades of experience and value-based knowledge. We have a hands-on approach and integrate with you to create and implement market specific strategies designed to achieve success.

Our representative client sample includes work with Medicare ACOs MSSP, statewide and regional CINs, Pediatric CINs, IPAs, Medicaid MCOs, PSHPs and hospital integrated delivery models.

Our real world, value-based experience includes governance structure, population health platform selection and data sharing definitions, organizational financing model, quality metric selection, physician engagement solutions (network and practice-level), long-range operational planning, managed care contract negotiation (FFS to risk), network funds distribution models and implementation of network-wide value-based contract strategies.

Are You Prepared?

We can help.

  • Move towards full risk

  • Achieve positive shared savings results

  • Improve quality

  • Prioritize data opportunities

  • Enhance physician engagement

  • Course correct under performance

  • Optimize value-based contract negotiation

  • Create and implement 3-5 year strategic and operational plan

Our team has over 40 years of experience in value-based care strategy development and transformation
Doug Wilson, FHFMA, MBA
Governance Finance, Value-based Contracting and Network Operations
Timothy Johnson, DO, MMM
Health System Value Transformation, Physician Engagement, Informatics

Colleen Kraft, MD, MBA, FAAP
Physician Engagement and Communication, Clinical Improvement and Practice Re-design
Pam Carr Jackson
Care Management, Clinical Improvement (including Quality and Metrics), Value-based Contracting, Operations
Gary Stelluti
Physician Engagement, Network Development and Communications